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Rudy Park

Comics and cartoons about daredevils.

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1. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2016-11-22 daredevil 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2016-11-22 Pub. Date: 2016-11-22
Image Number: 151307
Caption: Did you see Doctor Strange, little buddy? Yes sir!!! I reported to the nearest 3-D theater as mandated by the unspoken Comic Fan Compact of 2008 … wherein we all tacitly agreed that these are not individual movies, they are one big story and to miss even one part of it is sacrilege. I even watch all the Marvel Netflix shows, pursuant to the Daredevil Addendum of 2015, sir!!! So noted.
2. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2015-07-05 daredevil 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2015-07-05 Pub. Date: 2015-07-05
Image Number: 128450
Caption: Daredevil. No. But it's been months now. I wanna talk about it. Well, I haven't watched the last couple episodes yet. Blasphemy! You have one job as a modern American consumer of Netflixian entertainment: and that's to binge-watch every episode the day the series is released. Sorry, little buddy. Some of us have lives. What's that supposed to mean?! Careful what you say around seniors. You'd never be man enough to handle a good Price is Right marathon! You distract it while I make my escape.
Result page:     (2 images)