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The Cannot Tell A Lie Comics And Cartoons

collected from fifty of the best cartoonists.

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1. Cartoonist Kieran Meehan  Pros & Cons 2018-05-09 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Kieran Meehan
Comic/Cartoon: Pros & Cons
Viewable Date: 2018-05-09 Pub. Date: 2018-05-09
Image Number: 171144
Caption: Politics is a rite of passage. Is it? Is it really? No … not really. So you were being … disingenuous. I can't help myself. Being as I am a politician.
2. Cartoonist Jack Ohman  Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons 2018-05-01 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Jack Ohman
Comic/Cartoon: Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2018-05-01 Pub. Date: 2018-05-01
Image Number: 171203
Caption: Club Sarah Huckabee Sanders … What comedy? This is her normal briefing … I can't specifically confirm or deny that took place … I am not aware of any conversations along those again, I would refer you to my previous stateme … As I stated before, I … particular state ... the presid ... that I'm aw ... Exit.
3. Cartoonist Chip Bok  Chip Bok's Editorial Cartoons 2018-03-08 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Chip Bok
Comic/Cartoon: Chip Bok's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2018-03-08 Pub. Date: 2018-03-08
Image Number: 169382
Caption: It's like a one-way mirror: I can lie to you, but you can't lie to me. FBI.
4. Cartoonist J.C. Duffy  Fusco Brothers 2017-12-16 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): J.C. Duffy
Comic/Cartoon: Fusco Brothers
Viewable Date: 2017-12-16 Pub. Date: 2017-12-16
Image Number: 165553
Caption: I can overlook the fact that you give men a bad name. What I can't forgive you for is turning happy hour into a lie. ! !
5. Cartoonist Ann Telnaes  Ann Telnaes' Editorial Cartoons 2017-12-12 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Ann Telnaes
Comic/Cartoon: Ann Telnaes' Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2017-12-12 Pub. Date: 2017-12-12
Image Number: 166195
Caption: You cannot say it's an honest mistake when you purposely putting out information you know to be false. Lie lie lie lie lie.
6. Cartoonist Mike Luckovich  Mike Luckovich's Editorial Cartoons 2017-09-22 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Luckovich
Comic/Cartoon: Mike Luckovich's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2017-09-22 Pub. Date: 2017-09-22
Image Number: 163092
Caption: He can't help himself … No Parking. Don't need work. Sean Spicer.
7. Cartoonist Hilary Price  Rhymes with Orange 2017-07-03 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Hilary Price
Comic/Cartoon: Rhymes with Orange
Viewable Date: 2017-07-03 Pub. Date: 2017-07-03
Image Number: 159822
Caption: The Skyline. I don't lie! Look at me this morning - puffy eyes, foggy head … I just can't party like I used to.
8. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Darrin Bell Editorial Cartoons 2017-06-08 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Darrin Bell Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2017-06-08 Pub. Date: 2017-06-08
Image Number: 159126
Caption: How to Look as Guilty as Possible for Dummies. By Donald J. Trump. Section 6 -- Cozy up to an enemy state: Publicly ask an enemy state to hack your opponent. Praise that enemy state's tyrannical dictator repeatedly. Have several members of our team hold clandestine meetings with operatives of that state. Have them all lie about that. If you son bragged about how much of your businesses' funding came from that state, refuse to show your tax returns so you can't disprove it. Hire a known stooge of that enemy state as your National Security Advisor. Ask FBI Director to go easy on that stooge. After that director asks for more money to investigate you people's ties to the enemy state, FIRE HIM. Brag to agents of that state about how firing the director will take the heat off you. Issue a veiled threat to that director after Congress asks him to testify. When he finally does testify, schedule a speech at exactly the same time, to give the appearance you're trying to distract from his testimony. Continued on next page ...
9. Cartoonist Brian Crane  Pickles 2017-05-31 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2017-05-31 Pub. Date: 2017-05-31
Image Number: 158180
Caption: Opal, have you been using my phone? Yes. I can't find mine. I didn't think you'd mind. How did you know? Whoo! Cat hair doesn't lie.
10. Cartoonist Mike Peters  Mother Goose and Grimm 2017-05-01 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Peters
Comic/Cartoon: Mother Goose and Grimm
Viewable Date: 2017-05-01 Pub. Date: 2017-05-01
Image Number: 157290
Caption: Grimm, did you chew up my slippers? I cannot tell a lie … at least not until after I've had some coffee.
11. Cartoonist Brian Walker Greg Walker Mort Walker  Beetle Bailey 2017-04-09 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Walker Greg Walker Mort Walker
Comic/Cartoon: Beetle Bailey
Viewable Date: 2017-04-09 Pub. Date: 2017-04-09
Image Number: 155963
Caption: Beetle, I don't know what to do with you! You're a genius at goofing off! I can't catch you! No one is as good as you at finding spots to hide in. The stories you cook up as excuses are fantastic lies! What Beetle heard: You're a genius! No one is as good as you! Your stories are fantastic! Thanks!
12. Cartoonist Kieran Meehan  Pros & Cons 2017-04-01 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Kieran Meehan
Comic/Cartoon: Pros & Cons
Viewable Date: 2017-04-01 Pub. Date: 2017-04-01
Image Number: 156026
Caption: Admit you're lying. Shan't! Shan't or can't? Shan't and can't. And throw in a won't for good measure.
13. Cartoonist Jim Borgman Jerry Scott  Zits 2017-03-29 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Jim Borgman Jerry Scott
Comic/Cartoon: Zits
Viewable Date: 2017-03-29 Pub. Date: 2017-03-29
Image Number: 156068
Caption: Don't say anything about this plan to my mom. Got it. What's up, guys? Jeremy is thinking about breaking up with Sara because he can't think of anything to buy her for her birthday! Pierce! I was tired of living a lie.
14. Cartoonist Greg Evans  Luann 2017-03-27 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Greg Evans
Comic/Cartoon: Luann
Viewable Date: 2017-03-27 Pub. Date: 2017-03-27
Image Number: 155459
Caption: You involved me in a lie, Les. Telling people we're dating is dishonest. And I can't be your girlfriend because - I know. 'Cuz now you hate me. No, I don't hate you. I just don't like what you did, and - I can do better! Let me be your boyfriend, Pru. You might be surprised. I sure would be. I'm gay.
15. Cartoonist Dave Coverly  Speed Bump 2017-03-21 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Dave Coverly
Comic/Cartoon: Speed Bump
Viewable Date: 2017-03-21 Pub. Date: 2017-03-21
Image Number: 155782
Caption: I can't lie down with you every night, dear.
16. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Candorville 2017-02-10 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Candorville
Viewable Date: 2017-02-10 Pub. Date: 2017-02-10
Image Number: 154241
Caption: Do you know why mankind is so susceptible to authoritarians, Rosencrantz? It's because our brains are wired to accept lies. Our conscious brain can eventually spot a lie. But for it to spot it, our unconscious brain first has to entertain it. And just as when you entertain a guest, there's a chance the guest will overstay his welcome, put up photos of his loved ones, and before you know it, he's moved in and you can't get rid of him. I'll say it one last time: I want my side of the sidewalk crack back, Tyrone. I don't know what you mean, I've always been on this side.
17. Cartoonist Darrin Bell  Candorville 2017-02-05 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Candorville
Viewable Date: 2017-02-05 Pub. Date: 2017-02-05
Image Number: 153474
Caption: Larry Wilcox ain't happy 'bout that new Chips movie, dawg. Larry who? Larry Wilcox, bruh. Can't believe you ain't remember "Jon" from Chips. Ponch & Jon, bruh, you know. Anyway … I saw the trailer, I laughed, ain't gonna lie. But then I checked his Facebook, like I often do. You do? Often? He pointed out this ain't nothin' like the show he was on. The one we watched when we was kids. An' he right. An' it got me thinkin' about all these reboots. Why they always takin' serious shows an' rebooting them as comedies? Why can't they go the other direction? I think I speak for us all when I say I wanna see a dark, gritty remake of Mr. Belvedere. I'm not sure "us all" means what you think it means.
18. Cartoonist Mike Lester  Mike du Jour 2017-01-11 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Lester
Comic/Cartoon: Mike du Jour
Viewable Date: 2017-01-11 Pub. Date: 2017-01-11
Image Number: 152947
Caption: Why do we need a shark? You can't trust sharks. They're notorious liars … They are? You neglected to include that on your résumé. Well I'm a shark so …
19. Cartoonist Jen Sorensen  Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons 2016-10-10 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Jen Sorensen
Comic/Cartoon: Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2016-10-10 Pub. Date: 2016-10-10
Image Number: 149811
Caption: Internal Debate. Would you name one thing you respect in the other? That's a very fair and important question. Oh god. I can't believe I have to keep smiling through this s#*t. What's good about this vile, crotch-grabbing man-toad? He just called me the devil, threatened to throw me in jail, and told an Islamophobic lie to a Muslim girl's face. The man is a volcano of raw internet sewage! What can I say? I respect his children.
20. Cartoonist Jen Sorensen  Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons 2016-09-05 cannot tell a lie 
Cartoonist(s): Jen Sorensen
Comic/Cartoon: Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons
Viewable Date: 2016-09-05 Pub. Date: 2016-09-05
Image Number: 148390
Caption: Poverty Injection. The company that makes life-saving Epipens has raised their price dramatically. But my son has food allergies and might die! So what? Our profits are nuts! Mylan. Oops, bad choice of words. And now, some reactions from the rest of the world. Tanzania. Oh, you can't afford drugs from the U.S. either? Rural India. We've started a fundraiser for the unfortunate American children with severe allergies. We call it "Papayas for Pens." Kabul, Afghanistan. Only a barbaric culture would allow kids to die so elites can lie like kings!
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