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Lisa Benson's Editorial Cartoons
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M.D., Ma'am, Machine, Machine Gun, Macro, Macroeconomics, Mad, Madam, Made, Made In America, Made In China, Made In USA, Madness, Maduro, Nicolas Maduro, Magazine, Magazine Article, Magazine Headline, Magazine Journalism, Maggie, Magic, Magic Trick, Magician, Magnet, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Maid, Mail, Mailer, Mailman, Main, Mainstream, Mainstream Media, Maintain, Maintenance, Maitre, Major, Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Player, Majority, Majority Leader, Majority Minority, Make, Maker, Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Malfunction, Malia, Mall, Malnutrition, Malpractice, Malpractice Insurance, Mammogram, Man, Paul Manafort, Management, Manager, Mandate, Mandatory, Maneuver, Manhattan, Manhole, Manson, Manual, Manufacture, Manufacturer, Manufacturing Outsourcing, Manufacturing Quality, Manure, Many, Map, Marathon, March, Marco, Margaret, Maria, Marijuana, Marine, Marines, Marital, Mark, Market, Marketing, Marketing Advertising, Marketing To Children, Marketplace, Marquee, Marriage, Marriage Age, Marriage Amendment, Marry, Mart, Martha, Martin, Trayvon Martin, Marxism, Mary, Maryland, Mas, Mascot, Mask, Masochism, Mass, Mass Shooting, Massachusetts, Massacre, Massive, Mast, Mastermind, Mat, Match, Mate, Material, Math, Mathematical, Matter, Matter Of Fact, Mature, Max, Maxed Out, Maxine, May, May Day, Theresa May, Maybe, Mayflower, Mayhem, Mayor, Mayoral, Mayoral Election, Maze, John McCain, McCain Palin, Mccarthy, Kevin McCarthy, Scott McClellan, Mitch McConnell, McDonalds, Me, Meal, Mean, Meaning, Means, Meanwhile, Measles, Measure, Measurement, Meat, Mechanic, Mechanical, Mechanical Bull, Media, Media Bias, Media Coverage, Media Credibility, Media Freedom, Media Gender, Media Investigation, Media Scrutiny, Media Source, Mediation, Medic, Medicaid, Medical, Medical Bill, Medical Center, Medical Cost, Medical Economy, Medical Equipment, Medical Examination, Medical Insurance, Medical Marijuana, Medical Practitioner, Medical Procedure, Medical School, Medical Supply, Medical Test, Medicare, Medicare Bureaucracy, Medicare Crisis, Medicare Reform, Medication, Medicine, Meeting, Meg, Megalomaniac, Megaphone, Megyn, Melania, Melodrama, Melt, Meltdown, Member, Membership, Memo, Memoir, Memorabilia, Memorial, Memorial Day, Memorial Service, Memory, Menopause, Mental, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Mentality, Menu, Menu Option, Mercenary, Merge, Merger, Angela Merkel, Merry, Merry Christmas, Mess, Message, Messy, Met, Metadata, Meteor, Meteorite, Meter, Methane, Method, Metropolitan, Mew, Mexican, Mexican Immigration, Mexico, Michael, Michele, Michelle, Michigan, Michigan Primary, Mickey, Micro, Microeconomics, Microphone, Microsoft, Mid, Middle, Middle Class, Middle East, Middle Of The Night, Mideast, Midnight, Midterm, Midterm Election, Midway, Midwife, Might, Mighty, Migrant, Migrant Children, Migrate, Migration, Mike, Mile, Mileage, Miles Per Gallon, Miles Per Hour, Militarism, Militaristic, Military, Military Aid, Military Aircraft, Military Base, Military Cut, Military Drone, Military Equipment, Military Journalism, Military Leadership, Military Plan, Military Plane, Military Recruit, Military Service, Military Spending, Military Strategy, Military Uniform, Militia, Milk, Milk Carton, Million, Mind, Mine, Minefield, Miner, Mini, Miniature, Miniature Golf, Minimal, Minimum, Minimum Payment, Minimum Tax, Minimum Wage, Minimum Wage Increase, Mining, Mining And Drilling, Minister, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Minor, Minority, Minority Leader, Minus, Minute, Miracle, Mirror, Misbehavior, Misconduct, Misery, Misinformation, Mismanagement, Miss, Miss America, Missed Opportunity, Missile, Missile Defense, Missile Strike, Mission, Mission Accomplished, Mission Statement, Mississippi, Mississippi River, Missouri, Misspoke, Mistake, Misty, Misuse, Mitch, Mitchell Report, George Mitchell, Mitt, Mob, Mobile, Mobilization, Model, Moderate, Moderation, Moderator, Modern, Modern Issue, Modification, Mole, Molestation, Molly, Molotov, Molotov Cocktail, Mom, Momentum, Monarch, Monarchy, Monetary, Money, Money Due, Money Laundering, Money Pit, Money Supply, Monica, Monitor, Monkey, Monopoly, Monster, Monster Under Bed, Month, Monument, Mood, Moody, Moon, Moon Landing, Moore, Mop, Morality, Moratorium, More, Mormon, Morning, Morning After Pill, Morocco, Mohamed Morsi, Mortality, Mortgage, Morton, Moscow, Mosquito, Mosquito Bite, Most, Moth, Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Son, Mother-to-be, Motor, Motorboat, Motorist, Motto, Mount, Mountain, Mourn, Mouse, Mousetrap, Mouth, Move, Move To Canada, Movement, Moveon.org, Movie, Movie Film, Movie Theater, Movie Violence, Mozilla, MPG, MPH, Mr. President, Mrs., Ms., MSNBC, Muammar Al-Gaddafi, Much, Muck, Mudslide, Mueller Report, Robert Mueller, Mule, Multinational, Multiple, Mumbai, Mural, Murder, Murray, John Murtha, Museum, Museum Gallery, Museums Galleries, Mush, Pervez Musharraf, Mushroom, Music, Music Award, Music Note, Musical, Musician, Muslim, Muslim Brotherhood, Must, Mutual, Muzzle, Myanmar, Mysterious.

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