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Background about Greg Walker

Greg Walker joins with his brother Brian Walker to collaborate with their father Mort Walker on the comic strip that their father created Beetle Bailey.

Greg Walker was born Dec. 17, 1949. He says he spent his formative years "spilling Dad's ink and asking dumb questions." He managed to learn a great deal about cartooning from his father and his godfather, Dik Browne.

Greg Walker studied liberal arts and journalism at Syracuse University. He has worked in film, commercial photography, newspapers and graphic arts. At the same time, he managed to write and draw a wide array of comic books, including Rocky and Bullwinkle, Barney and Betty Rubble, Underdog, Sarge Snorkel and his father's own Beetle Bailey.

He started writing Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois gags in the early '70s, moving on to lettering and inking Beetle Bailey, chores he continues to this day.

In addition to his work on Hi and Lois and Beetle Bailey, he co-produced The Rock Channel strip with the Gilchrist Brothers, and co-produced Betty Boop and Friends with his brothers Brian, Neal and Morgan.